Ghee Derived From Cow’s Milk is Very Important

Ayurvedic and Modern scientific research facts

Ghee is an important part of a vegetarian or satvik diet. The following points depict the subtle effects of pure cow’s milk ghee.

  1. The flow of Divine Principle is drawn to Ghee which is produced from sattvic cow’s milk.
  2. The Ghee also creates and activates a ring of Divine Principle (Mula tattva), which may be thought of as an aura.
  3. Chaitanya (Divine awareness) is drawn to Ghee.
  4. This flow formed and activated a Consciousness ring in the Ghee.
  5. The Ghee creates even minute particles of Chaitanya.
  6. Environmental Chaitanya is dispersed in bits and pieces.


Cow’s Milk Ghee Contains Following Ingredients

According to Ayurveda Ghee is Beneficial. See the following table to see the spiritual significance of using cow’s milk ghee as cooking oil. Because it’s so sattvic, it’s not only for eating; it’s also utilized in religious rituals.


Vibrations Proportion (%)
Divine Energy (Shakti) 1
Divine consciousness


Divine Principle 2


  1. The creation and activation of a ring of Sri Dhanvantari’s Divine Energy (Shakti), filled with the Consciousness of Divine Consciousness.
  1. Ghee creates and spreads Divine Energy Particles.

Because Ghee includes Divine Consciousness, it’s immune to harmful energies like the ones in the environment. On the other hand, synthetic ingredients might draw bad energy from the environment when used in the manufacturing of Ghee.

It improves intelligence, memory power, and glow, cleanses the body, balances Vata, improves voice clarity, and balances Pitta. It also nourishes the body, improves digestion, and enhances body fire. It also raises the quality and quantity of sperm. It is quite efficient for treating eye diseases. The greatest kind of fat, it acts as a good Rasayana for the body.


Facts About Ghee From Cows

Modern physicians advise patients with high cholesterol to consume only cow ghee as dietary fat. There is no rise in cholesterol while using cow ghee. It has no negative impact on one’s heart while taking it.

According to Russian scientist Sirovish, Cow’s Ghee has tremendous protective capacity against the harmful effects of radioactive radiation on the human body.

Ghee is Very Essential for Health facts and the truth must be known. One tonne of oxygen is produced by burning 10 grams of cow ghee. In addition, ethylene oxide, propylene oxide, and amaladeyore are produced when cow’s Ghee and rice are burnt together. The use of ethylene oxide and formaldehyde in the operating room protects against germs. In addition, rain is brought on by propylene oxide. As a result, offering cow ghee as a sacrifice cleans the air and brings rain.


Ghee’s Healing Properties

Wells filled with Ghee were common in ancient India, and they were expressly designated for those who had been wounded. Ghee is well-known for its Ropana-healing properties and for speeding up the healing process after injuries.

Ayurveda recommends using Ghee to treat a persistent peptic ulcer or gastritis, which occurs when the lining of the digestive system becomes inflamed. Ghee works wonders on elderly or disabled people’s bedsores. Broken bones and bruises may also benefit from this treatment. In addition, it works wonders on a wide range of skin conditions. It’s also used for chemical and fire burns. Ghee softens and strengthens, protects, and nourishes the skin when applied topically.


Reasons to Consume Pure Desi Ghee

God created the universe with dietary guidelines for different kinds of creatures. The cow is a strict vegetarian since that’s how nature designed it.

It follows, a vegetarian diet is under the will of God. To live according to Dharma, one must adhere to a strict diet code of conduct, improve one’s spiritual attributes, and become capable of achieving eternal bliss. The Sattvaguna in people is heightened when they follow a Vegetarian Diet. Vegetarian food helps man become Divine, which means it helps him advance spiritually.

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