Gau Mutra’s Natural Treatments for Disease

In Gau Mutra, there is carbolic acid, which acts as an anti-germicidal agent. As a result, it cleanses and purifies. Ancient Vedic texts consider Gau Mutra pure because of this. Cow Urine Arc Able to Cure Many Diseases.

Using cutting-edge scientific procedures, scientists have discovered that it contains several nutrients, including phosphates, nitrogen, urea, uric acid, potassium, and sodium. Because of this, lactose found in cow milk can benefit people with cardiac and mental health issues.

If you’re going to consume Gau Mutra, be sure it’s from a young, healthy cow. Grass from meadows and mountains should be the primary source of nutrition for this animal. The only way to get the most out of it is to drink it with an empty stomach first thing in the morning, just after you get up. After taking it, do not consume any food for at least an hour.

If children are still being fed by their mothers, their mothers should consume Gau Mutra as well. During menstruation, ladies who take in the Gau Mutra find strength and tranquility. Under the guidance of an Ayurveda acharya or panchayat chikitsak, a young individual might gradually increase their intake of cow urine. Cow’s Milk Has Many Benefits including the ability to treat stomach cancer

  1. Gau Mutra which has been purified several times should be administered to a constipation patient.
  1. The use of Gau Mutra combined with an extract of chirhita (Achyrethes) would heal patients of jaundice, inflammation, and chronic fever.
  1. Cough, cold, and bronchitis may all be healed by ingesting a specified dose of Gau Mutra.
  1. Hepatitis may be treated for a month by taking Gau Mutra in the mornings.
  1. Gau Mutra combined with turmeric should be administered to children with whooping cough.
  1. Cow Urine may be used to treat almost every gastrointestinal issue.
  1. Jalodar patients who take Desi Cow’s Milk and Desi cow’s urine combined with honey may be cured easily.
  1. Drinking cow’s milk and urine may treat any inflammation in the body.
  1. Gau Mutra, combined with equal parts salt and sugar, should be used to treat any stomach illness.
  1. Take Gau Mutra with sugar if you have eye fever, inflammation, tiredness, or constipation.
  1. After giving delivery, women’s health improves considerably if they take Gau Mutra.
  1. The use of a herbal mixture of Gau Mutra and herbs to the afflicted region has demonstrated amazing recovery in leucoderma patients.
  1. Various skin problems may be cured by rubbing desi cow urine mixed with powdered fenugreek seeds on the body before bathing.
  1. It is possible to create numerous remedies by purifying gold, loh vatsnabh, and kuchla bhasma in Gau Mutra.
  1. It removes a wide range of posinous toxins. It’s also used to make shilajeet cleaner since it’s so potent.
  1. In the morning, take Gau Mutra of the desi cow breed on an empty stomach to treat filariasis.
  1. Taking cow urine may effectively treat acidity in the stomach and infections of the urine.
  1. Washing hair with water mixed with cow urine makes it glossy.
  1. When leprosy drinks cow urine plus a mixture of jiggery and turmeric powder, they have been shown to improve.
  1. Children with arthritis and other vaat doshs benefits from drinking Gau Mutra with castor oil.
  1. To help emaciated children, give them two doses of Gau Mutra with Saffron each day.
  1. Ingesting Gau Mutra regularly reduces fatigue, stimulates the appetite, and lowers blood pressure.
  1. Smelling cow urine and cow dung eliminate tuberculosis germs while suffering from tuberculosis.
  1. To effectively treat ringworm, use a paste made from crushed poppy plant leaves combined with cow urine.
  1. The use of a paste of tambhaku made in Gau Mutra may help restore hair growth in cases of typhoid hair loss.

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