Gau Mutra Ark Can Cure 105 Disease

Gift of Ayurveda

The medicinal properties of distilled cow urine include balancing the three doshas of the body: Vaat, Pitt, and Kapha, as well as their respective air, bile, and mucous. The Indian cow breed Gau Mutra has this remarkable capacity to maintain. Cow Urine Natural Treatment for Disease is also quick and beneficial.

When TriDosha (Vaat, Pitt, Kapha) are out of balance in the body, it is referred to as “Fall in Illness,” thus its name as an Ayurvedic divine gift.

  • Gau Mutra Ark balances cholesterol levels.
  • A perfect antibacterial Ayurvedic and effective agent.
  • Body fat reduction (or gain if fat is too high or low)
  • Boost the number of white blood cells in your body (white blood cells play an important role in the immune system by protecting the body from infectious agents.)
  • Anti-oxidant property slows down the aging process.
  • Especially hazardous contemporary medications serve as Detoxiffier.
  • Beneficial in the treatment of respiratory diseases.
  • Restore the tissues and cells that have been harmed.


Gau Mutra Ark is Good For

  • Diabetes
  • Enhances Memory Power
  • Fever
  • Flu, Arthritis
  • Gynaecological Issues
  • Asthma
  • Blood Purification
  • Chicken Pox
  • Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Cure Skin Problems
  • Obesity (Weight Loss)
  • Gastric (Stomach Problems)
  • Ulcers
  • Stress Balance (Stress Controller)
  • Reduces Tensions
  • Hepatitis
  • Improves Spirituality
  • Irregular Menstrual Cycle
  • Indigestion
  • Leucorrhoea
  • Small Pox
  • Tetanus
  • Urinary Disorders
  • Nervous Disorders
  • Parkinson
  • Morning Sickness
  • Prevention of cell breakdown due to virus-bacteria such as AIDS, Cancer
  • Stomach-related problems including Digestion
  • Gau Mutra Ark can cure almost 105 types of disease

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