Facts and Truths About Ghee

Facts and Truths About Ghee

Facts and Cardiovascular Disease of Cow Ghee

Modern cardiologists blame fat and Ghee for cardiovascular disorders, according to universal consensus. On the other hand, Ayurveda views Ghee as an ancient medicinal food, and Ghee very Important for Health, capable of curing almost every disease or problem of the human body.

It calms the Vaat and Pitta while bringing the Kapha back into harmony. There is no bad cholesterol or triglycerides produced.

Most people think of Ghee as a source of only bad consequences because of its high saturated fat content. However, this isn’t true. There’s no denying that heating polyunsaturated fats create dangerous free radicals like peroxides and other free radicals, responsible for a slew of illnesses and issues. Nobody disputes this. Don’t you think it’s a fact? Then be sure to compare your results with the most recent findings from across the world.


Consumption of Ghee

Ghee has a higher smoking point than other types of vegetable oils and fats. Because of this, food does not burn when cooked in it. There are no free radicals released because of the chemical’s stable saturated bonds. The human body readily digests Ghee’s short-chain Fatty Acids. Is it still a mystery to you what the benefits of Desi Ghee are?


Ghee Cholesterol Concentrations

Ghee, according to studies, lowers cholesterol levels in the blood vessels and the colon. The reason for this is that it causes the body to release more bile lipids. It’s also a great cure for the nerve and cognitive systems. In addition, a reduction in ocular pressure is achieved due to using this treatment for glaucoma patients. Are you in awe of this fact?


Safeguard While Consuming Ghee

Cow’s milk has a far lower fat content than buffalo’s milk. Pesticides and inorganic fertilizers, for example, go into the cow’s system and generate toxicity that may be seen in the milk. Cattle that have been fed just organic grass are not subject to these side effects. To find out whether milk contains dangerous substances, get a sample tested. Another safety precaution is only to drink Desi Cow Ghee and not Desi Ghee from any other cow.


Ghee is Safe to Eat

The inclusion of Desi cow’s ghee daily is suggested for healthy individuals and according to Ayurveda Properties of Ghee are Very Beneficial. When compared to vegetable oils, it has higher nutrients. Ayurvedic practitioners have long used Ghee to cure ulcers, constipation, eye problems, and skin conditions.

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